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Dinner Gathering of PEKA Indonesia

In early May 2018, PEKA Indonesia hosted a dinner gathering in a restaurant in Bogor city, for the first time in 8 years. This meeting was attended by all the board and executive members (9 people) together with invited guests.  








The gathering started at 7.00 pm officially opened by Prof. Damayanti Buchori as the leader of the board. In this meeting, Prof. Buchori welcomed the participants and gave her speech. This was followed by a speech from Dr. Shinta Puspitasari as the Director of Executive Board. Dr. Puspitasari provided an update on the current activities of PEKA Indonesia and lead a discussion about the opportunities and plans for next phase of PEKA Indonesia activities. The discussion continued well with the active participation from the attendees. Further, it was agrred that PEKA Indonesia should conduct the gathering more regularly to keep the relation and communication among members active to explore more ideas from PEKA Indonesia members. 







This was capped with dinner as well as group photo session. The event came to a close at 9 pm and all the guests departed at pleasure (Dk).

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