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Insect usually related with dirt, pest and diseases.  But in several place, eating insect is a tradition from generation to generation. Nonaka (2009) wrote, in Japan, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa insect is commonly eaten for its protein and health. BBC reports (2013) showed that In Thailand, insect also become common favorite snack for adult and children. In Indonesia, insect also be consumed for snack in Java, Sumatera and Papua island. Grasshopper, termites, bee larvas and beetle larvas are some edible insect in Indonesia.

Eating insect used to call entomophagy. Its from Ancient Greek words ‘entomos’ means insect and ‘faguein’ means to eat.  In Jongema’s report (2015) about world list of edible insects, there are almost 2 thousand species that classified as edible insect in the world. That amount is from various orders in class insecta. In FAO reports (2013) mentioned that insect contain of beneficial minerals and proteins. The benefit of eating insect are:

  1. Source of Protein and Fatty Acid
  2. Source of fiber and mineral

Rearing insect only require few place and resources than raising cattle. Its only takes small area, small amount of water and food. In other words, that rearing insect is more efficient than raising cattle or other livestock. As the growth of human population, the reviews of entomophagy is growing. In a future, eating insect will be common. That is why in the promotion usually called “Food for the Future”. So, wanna taste some baked grasshoppers? (Dk.) 


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