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Insect for Food?

Insect usually related with dirt, pest and diseases.  But in several place, eating insect is a tradition from generation to generation. Nonaka (2009) wrote, in Japan, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa insect is commonly eaten for its protein and health. BBC reports (2013) showed that In Thailand, insect also become …

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Dinner Gathering of PEKA Indonesia

In early May 2018, PEKA Indonesia hosted a dinner gathering in a restaurant in Bogor city, for the first time in 8 years. This meeting was attended by all the board and executive members (9 people) together with invited guests.                 The gathering started …

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Kembali ke Museum Serangga TMII

Yayasan PEKA Indonesia bersama dengan Perhimpunan Entomologi Indonesia dan Jurusan Proteksi Tanaman IPB mengisi pojok tematik di dalam Museum Serangga di Taman Mini Indonesia Indah dalam rangka ulang tahun museum pada tanggal 20 April 2018. Kerjasama dengan museum serangga ini bukanlah yang pertama bagi Yayasan PEKA Indonesia. Pada tahun 2006, …

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